single player (2023)

single playerrefers to a game with a single human participant; in contrast withmultiplayer.

In this mode you can play:

(Video) "LOV KAPRA V ZIMĚ" Podle Pítrse Novotného (přednáška For Fishing 2023)

where the computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) follows a baseStrategyand all factions start from scratch (unless prefabs are enabled).
The bell
This is a series of battles that follow a written story and give you specific objectives (build unit x, capture island y, destroy specific objective) to advance. Battles can start with a (large) number of units already built and the battlefield will expand as the game progresses.
  • Supreme Commander Vanilla came with three campaigns with different missions and endings:Cybran Nationcampaign,illuminate aeoncampaign and theUEFCampaign.
  • Forged Alliance has a single campaign that you can play with eachfractionexceptSeraphim.
(Video) Single Player Tryndamere

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